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  • Full setups approx. $85 (Floyd Rose systems $100-$175)

  • Partial setups are less depending on what they need.


  • Restrings for standard six string acoustic or electric guitars $15

  • 12 string guitars $25

  • Classical $20  

  • Floyd Rose $50

  • Mandolin $20

  • Banjo $15

  • Ukulele $15 (8 string $30)

  • Other instruments may vary.


  • Pickup replacement/installation for electric guitars approx. $40 - $60 each pickup depending on model.

  • Pickup installation for acoustics approx. $85 (not including removal of old system)

  • Bone nut/saddle fabrication approx. $100 ea

  • Re-fret approx. $20 per fret

  • Bridge replacement for acoustic guitar approx. $100

  • Broken head stock repair approx. $85 - $125

  • Tuning machine replacement $40 - $100 depending on a straight across swap or custom fitting.


  •  Crack repair approx. $25 per inch

All prices are labor only, not including parts, strings, hardware etc. And because guitars are all slightly or very different one from another, prices may vary. These are my usual ball park prices:


These are only a few of the typical things that I do. But the truth is, there are endless unique issues that instruments can have. Far too many to try and list on a website.


If your instrument has a need other than what is listed here, give me a call or come and see me and we will certainly take care of it at a reasonable cost and turnaround time.

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